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Singing Bowls 
Playing and learning with all senses

A workshop for educators, teachers, parents, grandparents and anyone who would like to use singing bowls with children.

Prerequisite: none

Length: 5 hours


Singing bowls stimulate all the senses. They shine golden, and when you touch them with your fingertips or make them ring with a mallet, you hear a variety of sounds.


This creates both an acoustic and vibro-tactile stimulus and thus stimulates auditory and somatosensory-motor perception, i.e. hearing and feeling, at the same time.

The sound attracts attention and is emotionally soothing. In this workshop, you will learn about stimulating games with singing bowls that are wonderful to play with children.





The games

Join us on a journey of discovery and learn about the many possibilities of the targeted use of singing bowls!
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