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The meditation

Meditation is a way to achieve inner peace of mind, calm and well-being, and promotes physical and mental health.

Peace of mind

Everyday life brings a lot of stress necessary to deal with problems and inconveniences, but sometimes this stress accumulates and can cause illness.

Through meditation we gain the calm of the soul to deal with stress in a healthy way by producing the necessary hormones such as melatonin.


This hormone helps us regulate and improve sleep quality as melatonin levels increase during sleep, improving the quality of rest and well-being.


Tranquility and Well-being

Meditation also makes it possible to reduce the frequency of our brain waves.  

When we are awake, the waves generated by our brain are very fast and high-pitched; these are the high frequency waves called BETA waves. 

During meditation, the brain rate drops to ALPHA and THETA waves, which correspond to a slower and lower rhythm.


These are the waves that our brain sends out before sleep and that help create the restorative feeling of deep calm that comes after meditation.

It helps overcome mood swings by regulating serotonin levels and lowering cortisol and adrenaline (hormones responsible for stress and alertness).

By increasing the ability for self-reflection or self-awareness, it leads to better self-knowledge and thus boosts self-esteem.

It reduces social anxiety and improves social skills by promoting empathy and compassion.

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