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The literature on sound massage is enlightening and can be learned graphically, but there is another tool that encourages learning and that is the visual.
Visually, either with pictures or videos, one can also tap into the knowledge of this wonderful technique of sound massage, its benefits and its significant contribution to alternative healing in this new era.

In this section you will find various videos that provide you with information about sound massage.

Videos about sound massage

In these videos you can see how it works, how it affects our body and what benefits it has. You will see that all you have to do is relax and enjoy the process.


I invite you to watch other very interesting videos on the Peter Hess® channel.




The videos are in German, because this massage method was developed by Peter Hess® in Germany.  I will excerpt the sound, but the pictures speak for themselves.


If you want to see subtitles in your language, I leave a small video here so you can add them from your PC. I changed the subtitles to Spanish, but you can change them to the language of your choice.


The sound massage

We want to invite you on a journey through the world of sound bowls and sound massage by Peter Hess ®.

What happens in the body during a sound massage when we realize that the human body is composed between 70% and 80% water.


Production of therapeutic bowls


The quality, shape and materials that are used in making the bowls are important so that they have the precise tone and the correct vibration so that they can be used therapeutically.

In the market there are many cuancos for sale, but it must be taken into account that not all of them can be used for sound massage.

Peter Hess®

Each therapeutic bowl is tuned to specific parts of the body

Two minutes of sound relaxation with  Peter Hess®

The sound of the Tibetan bowls leads to relaxation, here Peter Hess® sounds a universal bowl, which impacts the whole body since the tone (Hz) is universal.

Many exercises can be performed, such as listening to the side of the ear holding it with one hand and feeling the vibration or placing it on the abdomen, etc.

It is to achieve a relaxation for two minutes, for ourselves with great benefits during day-to-day tasks.

Therapeutic massage  Peter Hess® in traditional medicine

The sound of the Tibetan bowls leads to the improvement of patients in the orthopedic area of this Hospital in Germany. It shows how the patients themselves are surprised and in awe of the bowls and how the bowls have helped them in their recovery process.

Likewise, doctors began to learn about this new form of therapy by investigating how they intervene, in order to  understand the enhancement process as well as how long it lasts.

Investigation of the neuropsychological effect of the sound massage

Here, Nike Walter presents a study that she carried out at the Research Department of Applied Consciousness Sciences (University of Regensburg).

Brain signals were measured using a 64-channel EEG during a 20-minute sound massage and changes in consciousness were recorded using questionnaires.

Positive effects could be shown.

Stress prevention for children with singing bowls

“There is strength in stillness” – this applies not only to us adults, but also to children! The experienced educator and Peter Hess® sound teacher Beate van Dülmen gives you great practical tips that enable children to take care of themselves and prevent stress. Enjoy the relaxing fantasy journeys and sound exercises yourself!

Holistic learning with singing bowls

In our culture, cognition is often overrated and bodily sensations and feelings are neglected. And so Ulrich Krause, teacher (retired), long-standing seminar leader and research associate at the Peter Hess® Institute, invites you to a wonderful sound meditation that focuses on feelings and body experiences. Enjoy the sounds, feel your body, perceive your thoughts - just be!

Sound massage for chronic sleep disorders

The results of a doctoral thesis by Clair Rull from France are presented here. In her work, she proves that Peter Hess® sound massage has a positive effect on the sleep quality, anxiety level and depression of those affected by chronic sleep disorders.

Finally, Peter Hess creates a sound meditation (from:58:55) More information about the Peter Hess® sound methods and research on them at:

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