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What are the benefits of sound massage?

To be able to talk about the benefits that sound massage provides, it is necessary to feel and live them, since it is different to recommend something that is known to something unknown.

The safe environment when entering the office for a sound massage session, gives the feeling of calm and welcoming that increases the levels of serotonin, the hormone of happiness, in the body,  which decreases due to several factors, one of them stress.  As stress rises  serotonin decreases and increases  Estradiol, which is the stress hormone, lowering our defenses and worsening our physical and psychological health.

For this and other reasons, sound massage is a valuable tool to achieve balance within us through  of vibration and sound, in a safe, warm environment,  harmoniously adapted and conditioned.  


O ur body is our temple, the means by which we live our experience in this world, and everything that promotes well - being, this will welcome and take advantage to the maximum, in the short term if it is a meeting, as well as long square if several sessions are held to strengthen one or more areas.

Give yourself the opportunity to know the sound massage and so you can experience its benefits.

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