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Sound massage for chronic sleep disorders-Insights into a doctoral thesis by Dr Claire Rull*.

Today we would like to present a doctoral thesis that shows that sound massage can be a helpful service for chronic sleep disorders. This research by Clair Rull shows that just three sound massages have positive effects on sleep quality, anxiety levels and depression in patients with chronic sleep disorders.

We have long known from practice that sound massages and sound exercises can effectively help to reduce stress. Thus, they can also be an ideal offer for people with chronic sleep disorders. The fact that sound massages have positive effects on sleep disorders was shown by Clair Rull from France in her doctoral thesis, which she recently presented at the Medical Faculty of Montpellier/France.

For this purpose, 29 patients each receive three sound massages at weekly intervals. The data collection is done in interviews before the first sound massage (day 0) and after the third (day 21) as well as another month after the intervention (day 42) using validated questionnaires.

At the end of the study, the complete data sets of 22 of the original 29 test persons were available for evaluation. Between day 0 and day 42, significant decreases were observed in the insomnia severity index (decrease of 10.3 points, p<0.001), anxiety level, depression and daytime sleepiness (p<0.001). These scores were significant from day 14 and continued to improve between day 14 and day 42. 4 out of 6 patients taking sleeping pills at admission reduced or stopped taking them. 2 out of 4 patients stopped taking anxiolytics.

Clair Rull comes to the following conclusion:

Peter Hess® sound massage has positive effects on sleep, anxiety and depression. The low level of evidence of this study does not allow to confirm the effectiveness of the method, but encourages further work, especially since no side effects were found.



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