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A Sound Story...mine

Writing stories is something new for me.

And when these stories are accompanied by singing bowls, it is completely new for me.

The whole process was a great challenge for me.

At first I thought I couldn't write a sound journey, that was my first surprise.

Then I was afraid that I wouldn't pronounce it properly in German and that others wouldn't understand me.

Both were big challenges for me!

In this process I learned a lot about myself and how I put up barriers that only exist in my head.

When I read it to other people in German, I focused more on pronunciation, read the sound story and found it "easy" to create the pauses by modulating the tone and colour of my voice.

They gave me very good and nice comments back, and that made me very happy.

I felt that I had done a good job.

Then I read the story to a larger group, online, who spoke German, but in Spanish.

When I read it in Spanish it was different, I felt confident, although I was nervous because there were many experts in the group and for me it was the first time, but who doesn't risk, doesn't win....

I felt like a "fish in water", relaxed, I could give more colour to my voice, modulate it and get my story across even if you didn't understand it....

It was a wonderful experience, I hope to write more stories!


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