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Why should you, as a client, choose Peter Hess® sound massage?*

With Peter Hess® sound massage, you are choosing the original, highly effective relaxation method developed by Peter Hess, a graduate engineer in physical engineering, more than 30 years ago. The positive results led to a rapid further development of his method. Today it is used in the areas of wellness/relaxation, sound therapy and sound education.

The benefits of Peter Hess® sound massage

During a sound massage an atmosphere of safety and security is created in which it is possible to let go - to let go of stress, fears, worries doubts and similar feelings that have a negative effect on our health. In this soothing atmosphere, the often circling thoughts can come to rest. These are prerequisites for health in the holistic sense and the basis for creating a joyful, self-determined and creative life. The (re)perception of one's own body, the (newly) emerging mindfulness towards oneself is a gift to oneself! To feel how, perhaps after a long time, your body breathes a sigh of relief, you perceive your breath again as a flow that transports your life energy, is a profound experience that can enrich your life in a lasting way.

Quality and professionalism distinguish Peter Hess® sound massage practitioners

The name Peter Hess has stood for quality and professionalism for more than 30 years! Peter Hess® sound massage is taught according to a standardized curriculum at the Peter Hess® Institute in Germany and more than 22 Peter Hess® Academies worldwide. As a Peter Hess® sound massage practitioner, one has enjoyed a well-founded education, in which extensive personal experience, professional knowledge and reflected practical training form a multi-layered and secure basis. Thus the customer can rely on the fact that he found with the Peter Hess® sound massage a respectable and wohltuende offer, which can be co-ordinated completely with its needs. Attentiveness, appreciation, holistic approach and the principle "less is more" are among the most important pillars of this offer and make the Peter Hess® sound massage a real relaxation highlight! High quality standards distinguish Peter Hess® Sound Massage and all Peter Hess® Sound Methods based on it, also proven by certifications from the European Association of Sound Massage Therapy e.V., the Umbrella Association of Independent Health Professions and the Steinbeis Transfer Institute Health Competence and Health Education at Steinbeis University Berlin. Findings and results from accompanying research and studies have led to this success. No other provider of sound massages can boast this.

The Peter Hess® sound massage is always to be seen in connection with the Peter Hess® therapy singing bowls developed for it. A professional application with these quality singing bowls guarantees an optimal application, which is aligned to the individual needs of the clients.


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